Terms & Conditions

To fully enjoy all that Fresh Casino offers, read through the term and conditions before you start playing. Accept them, and you are all set to transact, place bets and win big. Here are the most essential terms and conditions to take note of.

Legal Requirements

To open a casino account with Fresh Casino, players need to be above 18. Anyone who plays on this online casino and is below 18 years violates the terms and conditions. At any time, the casino has the right to request documentary evidence to prove the player’s age. Where no evidence is available, the casino account will be suspended, and the casino’s services will no longer be available. Any funds in the players account will be transferred to the casino account.

Transaction at Fresh Casino

For players to gamble on in this casino and enjoy everything on offer, a cash deposit into their casino account needs to be made. To facilitate this, there are several payment methods available. These include debit and credit cards, eWallet options, bank transfers and digital currencies. The transaction methods available ensure that players from Australia and other parts of the world can transact with ease.

The only way to deposit funds into your casino account is from the official account system or payment card. These must be in the player’s name for verification with corresponding identity documents. Funds from third parties such as friends, partners or relatives are not permitted. Any violation of these terms will result in winnings being confiscated and returned to the main casino account.

Duration of Contract

At any time, players have the liberty to close their casino account. This may include deletion of the username and password. To facilitate the closure process, you can contact the casino using email [email protected].

If you owe funds to the casino at the time of closure, the casino has the right to debit your account before final closure. However, should there be any funds, FreshCoins or bonuses at the time of closure, they shall not be credited to the player. The player will no longer have access to the account.

Reward Points

Fresh Casino rewards players’ loyalty by offering them the opportunity to earn points. These points are known as FreshCoins. The FreshCoins are transferable to become funds that can be used in games. From the first bet a player makes, they receive FreshCoins. For every €60 deposit, players get 1 FreshCoin. You can also earn more every time you win a tournament prize, win the lottery or play for bonus money.

The more FreshCoins you have, the higher your status on the site. With high statuses, you benefit from additional bonuses and offers available in the casino.

To read through the full details of terms and conditions for this online casino, go through the list on the terms and conditions page. Make sure that you understand and agree with them. This way, you will enjoy all the offers and promotions that this casino has to offer.

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